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Virtual laboratories on Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks

In this page you can access a virtual environment designed for familiarizing the users with advanced concepts of wireless communications and sensor networks. The lab consists of eight distinct interactive MATLAB® applications referring to:

  • Antenna positioning and loss models.
  • Effects of rician-rayleigh fading.
  • Performing real field measurements over hilly, urban and suburban areas.
  • Indoors network planning.
  • DVB-T network planning (two case studies).
  • Topology control in wireless sensor networks.
  • Routing in wireless sensor networks.

Accompanying user's manuals and indicative exercises are also provided for download freely.

All material, software and related documentation, are provided freely without copyright limitations by the International Hellenic University, including the source code. Employed third party code is provided with respect to the redistribution rights mentioned by their original authors. Redistribution of the current set of original applications should mention the International Hellenic University and related authors.

All applications target the Windows® platform. Portability perspectives and related steps are discussed in the documentation of each application.


  • Windows® operating system, able to support Mathwork's® MATLAB® version R2009b or newer.
  • A working installation of the following MATLAB® toolboxes: Communications Toolbox™ and 3D Animation Toolbox™. The following optional toolboxes provide additional performance: Parallel Computing Toolbox™, Curve Fitting Toolbox™.
  • A dual core CPU (2.70GHz), 2GB of RAM and 250MB of hard disk space.


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